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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, san jose police say a break from work turned into a trip to the hospital for one man in easton jose overnight. the latest on the search for suspects coming up. firefighters mopping up after this fire at a south bay home. also, some amazing new video of an explosion. we have it. we'll show it. let's take a live look outside. starting our wednesday morning with the bay bridge. it's wednesday, september 26. this is "today in the bay." hey, good morning. it is 4:30. i'm jon kelley.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. first, our forecast. >> another hot day on tap. we're going to see a little cooldown at the coast and around the inner bay. temperatures in the extreme inland cities like liver moore, concord, fairfield, touching on the upper 80s, low 90s yet again. we'll take you through our full forecast. even some fog out there. let's see what's mike looking at. >> we're looking at freemont. nice easy drive past the truck scales. south 880 at whipple. reports of what was reported as a stroller. it sounded like it might be a shopping cart. there are two shopping centers on the freeway at that point so that may be where it came from. typical flow for the rest of the traffic. construction not yet reported completely cleared from that
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tube. you may have to use the bridge. it was scheduled to be just a few minutes ago for that completion. >> all right, mike, thank you very much. right now, we take you live to greece. there is a bit of a breakout there with police trying to control crowds. apparently crowd control has gotten out of hand. this is near athens. i don't have the full details. >> it's in the square, heavy security out there, people with helmets. they've got gas masks on and there are lots of things going on. developing news in the south bay overnight. santa jose chef attacked while on break. now, more about what happened. >> reporter: san jose police
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have another violent crime investigation on their hands. they're still trying to put the pieces together. police were called to the scene in east san jose just after 11:00 last night. police say the first call was for assault and battery that quickly updated to a weapons call. police arrived on south white road in mount vista to find a man with serious injuries on his head. police say he is a chef at the restaurant and was on a break when he got jumped. >> right now, we're trying to determine if he was stabbed, shot or hit with a blunt object. we know he's in very serious condition and we're waiting for an update. >> reporter: he was taken to a local hospital where he is this morning. police are trying to determine how many suspects they are looking for. witnesses say several males took off from the scene on foot. those police officers are
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continuing to question those witnesses this morning. they say these witnesses are being cooperative and are forthcoming with information which isn't always the case in violent crime information. parents will hear from san mateo school officials on how they plan to beef up security following a recent child abduction. a spokesperson at park side elementary said the school is planning to add new gates. the move coming after a man allegedly attacked a 9-year-old girl at a school in a bathroom last week. now, she was able to finally break free. police later arested that man who now faces abduction and molestation charges. make sure to stay tuned to nbc bay area. we'll have a live report with reaction at the top of our 5:00 hour. the assistant head coach of uc berkeley women's head team now suing the school district and three former administrators
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for sexual abuse she says she suffered while she was in middle school. 30-year-old kristin filed the civil complaint yesterday. this lawsuit alleges negligence, fraud and emotional distress. saying school officials turned, quote, a blind eye to the abuse, even after learning of the complaint. she said she was raped more than 100 times over a four-year period. the school superintendent is not commenting. 4:35 this morning. firefighters keeping a close watch. we've got some video from a neighbor that captured it on their cell phone. three people were actually inside at the time. remarkably, they managed to get out safely. that fire ripped through the home's attic and the wood shingle roof. neighbors helped put water on the fire. just trying to use guard be hoses. until firefighters arrived. >> it's just the reaction, you
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know, one, to make sure people are safe. everyone's out of the house. two just try to save my neighbor's house. >> hard to think of losing your home whether it's 30 years or a year. the most important -- the only thing going through my mind was the fact that all my family was out and everyone was safe. >> thankfully for them. that fire actually started inside the garage. the homeowners have lived there for about 30 years. the teen drier accused of killing a father and daughter in concord is expected in court today. we're learning he could be changing his plea to guilty. 17-year-old david rosen pleaded not guilty to felony vehicle manslaughter and reckless driving in august. police say he was speeding through concord when he swerved, hitting the man and his two daughters. sadly, the man and his 9-year-old daughter both died.
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12-year-old hannah suffered some minor injuries. the family says it is working with sacramento lawmakers to pass stricter laws for people involved in deadly car crashes. a memorial bench was unveiled. it will be placed in the valley park. this morning, a man accused of trying to poison his girlfriend is out of jail without charges. the woman lives at a nursing home. police arrested 67-year-old robert lewis lockridge on saturday. he was accused of trying to slowly poison his girlfriend by bringing her bottled water laced with chlorine. lockridge made his first court appearance yesterday. he was released pending further investigation. bart will hold a special meeting tonight. over concerns about transit police officers. the agency created an independent commission and citizens review board to monitor
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bart officers. tonight's meeting is at the richmond recreation center complex on mcdonald avenue. a check on weather now. we're at the midweek point. >> they are getting warmer as we get closer to friday. we're talking about a heat wave saturday and sunday. it is going to be downright hot. but i've been talking over the past couple of days about a system in the pacific. it does look like it's going to bring us our first showers of the season. that looks likely through the end of the week. we'll get to some changes. it's been pretty seasonal. just a touch above average. today, we're talking about the upper 80s. 59 degrees in sunnyvale. wanted to take a closer look. 58 in my hometown of campbell. 64 degrees in san jose. future cast tells the story. you can see at that point most
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of the cloud cover will push right back out to sea. however, it's going to linger a little bit longer than yesterday. your coastal cities will be just a touch cooler. but works out like this. 76 in san jose. 72 in freemont. 88 degrees, down one degree, for yesterday out in liver moore. look at your city, tack on an additional 5 to 15 degrees. that's where we're headed this weekend. we'll break it all down. first, want to see what's happening on the roads. >> a good flow of traffic here. we'll show you on the ma. right at the 680/280 interchange. i also was looking for reports of the disabled vehicle. i didn't see it on the roadway as far as the approach to the interchange or on 101 itself. we're looking at no slowing from
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the freeways and the closure overnight that has opened on schedule just at 4:00 a.m. so no problems now. getting a live look outside. 82, headlights westbound to foster city are fine. eastbound, you use one lane, left lane, for construction. very light volume, no slowing. the bay bridge, similar, just a light volume. back to you guys. playoff tickets for the earthquakes go on sale this morning at 10:00. team officials say only 2500 will be available to the public because most have actually already been snatched up by season ticket holders. the earthquakes will know who they face during the playoffs when the regular season ends. the earthquakes currently hold the best record in major league soccer. >> bart is releasing amazing video showing an explosion at the station earlier this month. the scene in the top left corner shows a flash and people falling backwards along with a cloud of
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smoke. we're going to play this again here. if you look up at the top of the screen on the right, you can see what looks like an arc of electricity there. bart says the september 16 explosion was caused by metallic debris beneath the train. they don't know what the debris was. this cost about $600 worth -- >> frightening for the people that were in there. >> i'm sure. presidential candidates going head to head in the battleground state of ohio today. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. four months ago, facebook, the media darling, getting ready for that ipo. now it's the center of dozens of lawsuits stemming from the ipo that went off. details are coming up in a live report.
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welcome back. these are live pictures from athen, greece, this morning where anarcists have taken to a square there. they've been equipped with helmets and gas masks. they're really rioting in the streets. this illustrates, a bonfire they've set up in the middle of the square this morning. it is an advertisement test for an air show that was set up that
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now is being used as a bonfire in that area. earlier pictures we saw were police try to handle the massive crowds that are out there. journalists are said to be on the balconies of the hotel shutting their windows because of the tear gas. we're going to monitor this breaking news situation in athens, greece, for you all morning long. it is 4:45. iran will be the international spotlight. it will be in the spotlight this moring at the united nations. iranian president ahmadinejad is expected to talk about the country's nuclear program, which he says is being used for peaceful purposes. we've been watching it for some time. face book stock isn't doing so great. now, it looks like they're headed to court.
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we turn to bertha coomb. she's live at cnbc headquarters. >> wall street watching those pictures out of greece. they're very similar to what we saw in spain yesterday. what people are protesting there are the austerity measures that are really very, very steep. those countries are trying to undertake in order to get enough funding from the european union in order to pay their debt. all of that once again, it's the debt crisis that's causing all of this. causing the dow to fall 100 points to 13475. the s&p had its worst day in three months. the nasdaq also a rough day there. off 43 points to 3117. watching those pictures coming out of greece and we're expecting to see even more protests tomorrow because spain unveils its budget and it's not likely to get much applause in madrid. here at home, we're going to get
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a new reading on housing with the latest new home sales data coming off of a pretty good case yesterday. we're going to hear from heavy construction materials manufacture texas industries. facebook, well, it just seems the stock cannot get a break. the fallout continues. about 50 lawsuits now filed against them. and nasdaq where face book listed its ipo. security lawyers representing face book investors say they expect hundreds of arbitration claims to be filed that pitched that company's shares. face book shares, they've actually done pretty well in september, so far, but they are down more than 45% since their debut back on may 18th. back to you. >> overall, very roof. christina lauren joins us now. going to be another scorcher? >> it's going to be hot but not as hot as this weekend.
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that's what you want to set your sights on when it companies to being prepared for the potential of heat exhaustion. we're talking about the hottest weather of the year. 55 in oakland. what's so interesting about this time of year is that those storm systems start to line up out in the pacific and we've got one on the way to the bay area. shower chances looking likely towards the end of next week. however, that guy's still a ways out. we're going to keep tracking it for you. 54 degrees in san jose. 55, liver moore. want to take a closer look at some east bay cities this morning. this is where it will be hot today. 56 in walnut creek. comfortable in concord at 55 but that will change. just about as hot as it was yesterday. something you'll notice, more of these winds shifting out of west. that's that cool ocean air moving in. temperatures are going to be about as warm if not just a little bit cooler for today.
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it drives those winds off shore, completely negating that marine influence. temperatures are going to be downright hot towards the end of the week. and really into the weekend. here it is. for today, temperatures will mostly be in the 70s, 80s. 85 in fairfield by tomorrow. look at the jump, up to 94 degrees. 95 by friday. we're getting so close, flirting with those triple digits saturday and sunday. then tuesday, showers on the way. the best chance of those showers, as per usual, looking like the north bay. wednesday into thursday, that's what we're watching for. back to you for now. >> thank you very much. it is 4:49. election day just 41 days away. both courting voters in the buckeye state just one week before early voting begins.
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>> i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. >> reporter: fresh off his speech at the united nations, president obama heads to ohio today with an eight point lead according to "the washington post." mitt romney's there too, talking jobs and taxes. >> is there anybody who thinks that raising taxes will help grow the economy? no, his plan is to continue what he has done before. the status quo has not worked. >> romney attacking someone on taxes? i mean, whoa. that's like me talking about being passionate in politics. >> reporter: romney's on a two-day bus tour in ohio. >> after four years of getting
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the runaround, what america needs is a turnaround. >> reporter: it's a tough state. ohio's unemployment rate is lower than the national average. in ohio, and seven other states today, the president releases another ad, slamming romney for dismissing the 47% of americans who don't pay taxes. romney's new ad will focus on struggling american families. >> ann romney made her debut appear's on "the tonight show with jay leno." and talking about the difference between mitt romney now versus two decades ago when the two first met. >> you guys have been married 42 years. you met in high school. >> met in high school. >> so, was it love at first sight? >> it was for me. we met at this party. i will tell you, my heart was just -- i mean for me it was --
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i think for him too. >> was there dancing? was he a good dancedancer? >> he's got be to ten to be a b dancer. >> way to say, protecting her man's groove. she said the election her husband who is a mormon would show that prejudices are left behind. 4:52. people in one cash strapped community fighting back against a controversial red light camera. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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4:55, wednesday morning. money versus safety. that is a debate in an east bay city this morning. city of oakland discussing whether cameras make the streets safer or rake in dollars for the city. the debate took place last night at city hall. oakland police told the committee there is proof that since 2008 collisions at 11 entire sections in oakland have decreased. >> they have experienced some loss in personnel. this is one way to help us. be there at dangerous intersections. >> local activist roger jones says red light cameras don't make intersections safer. he believes extending the timing on yellow lights is what actually cuts down on accidents. mike here to tell us what's
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happening now. >> we'll take you to the south bay. disabled vehicle possibly in lane. it's not even in the report anymore. 280 at 680. we see a nice smooth flow for the northbound 101 through the interchange. we had slowing through capital expressway. right about now is when they expect crews to clear from that off ramp. it's not clear from the chp report but the slowing we saw appeared and gone away now so likely moving. we'll give you an update if anything unexpected is there. an accident here. minor fender bender. still getting details from cnn hp. no slowing at the scene. 101 across the gold be gate, the bridge itself moves smoothly. that fog likely to touch all along coast. back to you. >> we have new pictures coming in from nasa that shows the deepest corners of the universe. the space agency combined a decade's worth of hobble space
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telescope images to create a picture of the universe. the galaxies are so far away. the light being emitted is only one ten billionth of the brightness of what i can actually see. >> i was thinking of star trek, spash space, the final frontier. west nile continues to cause some trouble this time in san francisco. >> people in the south bay getting ready to take to streets to protest a popular supermarket chain.
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good morning. we're live on the pa insurance in sa where parents are seek answers from the police and the school after a 9-year-old girl is abducted from an elementary school here. that story coming up. and sheriff deputies in al meet that county have a mystery after a shootout on the freeway last night that shut down the freeway and they can't locate the people involved.


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